Cosimo Theme Support

Cosimo Theme Support

How to set portfolio

After installing the plugin “Cosimo Portfolio”, you’ll see the “Portfolio” item in your WordPress Dashboard.
Thereafter go to “Pages” and click “Add New”.
Provide a name for this page “Ex: My Portfolio” and, in “Page Attributes” section choose the template “Portfolio Page”.
Here is a screenshot of example:
Save the page. This page will be the “portfolio main page”.
Now you can go on your WordPress Dashboard on “Portfolio-> Add New” and create your pages. Use portfolio categories for filtering.

Customize Portfolio

After creating the “Portfolio Main Page”, go to your WordPress Dashboard under “Appearance-> Theme Options-> Portfolio”.
Here you can find all the options to customize the portfolio. You can choose the number of columns, the number of projects per page, enter text, show related project, previuos and next project.

Using WooCommerce

To use WooCommerce, just install the “WooCommerce Plugin”.
Once installed and set, the plugin will automatically create all the pages (shop page, checkout, account page, etc …).
Go to your WordPress Dashboard under “Appearance-> Theme Options-> WooCommerce” to set the number of products per page and to show the cart in the main menu.