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How to renew the license key

The license key has a duration of one year and it allows you to get automatic updates and technical support.

The renewal of the license key is not mandatory (the theme will continue to work even without a license key) but it is strongly recommended as you will keep receive updates on new features or security updates.

Two weeks before the expiration of the license key, you will receive an email informing you of the impending expiry, in the e-mail you will find the link to renew your license key.

You will also receive a notice in the dashboard of the website where you activated the license key which will notify you of the impending expiration.
Also in this case there will be a direct link to renew the license key.

Instead, if you want to renew your license key manually, you can do it by going in your CrestaProject account under the “My License Keys” page and click on the “Renew license” link.

Then you will be redirected to the Checkout page to make the payment and renew the license key.

If, after renewing the license key, you still see the notice on your website’s dashboard, don’t worry.
Just go in your WordPress Dashboard under “Appearance-> Theme License” and click on the “Check License status” button to update the details of the license key.